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Jess let it simmer

Elevate your palate with exquisite culinary experiences

Elevate your palate with exquisite culinary experience!
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Meet Chef Jess

My Story & Promise To You

Growing up, great food and conversation went hand-in-hand for my family. Seeing family and friends together was a true indication that the day would be great! After beginning college at The University of Alabama, I quickly realized the joy associated with cooking and bringing people together! My love for cooking stemmed from what I was taught as a child by my grandmother, Ida.

I began experimenting with new recipes and reveled at the idea of seeing all of my friends enjoying one another’s company.

One could say that “Jess Let It Simmer” was a common theme that followed well into adulthood. The joy it brought serving family/friends while quieting the outside noise for guests became tradition for me.

Jess Let It Simmer’s foundation is strongly rooted in getting back to the basics of fellowship! Although technology has changed the way we’re able to communicate; a dinner table, great people and an amazing meal will work wonders. For the busy parent that doesn’t have the time to create moments of true intimacy with a spouse, the young professional dreaming of times when they can connect with adults outside of work, or the friend that simply misses their friends and wants to create a memorable moment; Jess Let It Simmer is for you! We also have had the wonderful opportunity to offer catering and meal prep services.


Invite your guests and leave the rest to us!

Chef Jess

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Catering & Events


Catering some of the most special events can easily be very expensive and extremely frustrating. Both myself and my team value client centered events where we take the thinking out of things for both you and your guests. Budgeting is also a major focus during our time together. Allow is to cater your next event. Schedule a consultation call today.

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