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Elevate your lifestyle with our premium meal prep services. Discover a seamless culinary experience where convenience meets gourmet excellence. Our expert chefs meticulously craft chef-inspired meals, tailored to your taste and dietary preferences. Enjoy restaurant-quality dishes delivered to your doorstep, ensuring a week of wholesome and delicious dining. Embrace a healthier, time-saving approach to meals – because every bite should be a celebration of flavor. Explore our menu and savor the luxury of effortless, nutritious, and indulgent dining with our personalized meal prep services

Meal Prep Services (Delivery)

Excluding Sales Tax
  • ~All Meal Prep Orders must be submitted no later than Friday at 2pm for the upcoming weeks delivery.

    ~Delivery is exclusive available to the Charlotte Area. If you’d like for receive meal prep services but live outside of the Charlotte area, please contact for other options

    ~Delivery Timeframes are available for Monday & Wednesday each week(2:00-6:00pm EST)

    ~Meal Prep Delivery is avaiable for weekly. Multiple weeks delivery must email

  • ~GPS updates are provided via text for delivery arrival

    ~Please communicate any allergens to prior to submitting meal prep order

    ~NO Refunds, Replacement Meals are provided with client request

    -2 Serving Sizes per food item

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